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I haven't lived in Indiana for many years, and I was unfamiliar with Daniels ["Telling It like It Is," Feb. 28]. He comes across as a thinker and a strong communicator. All the other Republicans are incapable of beating Obama. Daniels may have a chance.

Burt Long, DALLAS

Daniels, as budget director for George W. Bush, was the architect of the Bush tax cuts, which turned the Clinton surpluses into deficits and destroyed the economy. What the U.S. needs right now is someone who knows how our economy can create. That is our major economic problem, not the deficit. The deficit will disappear when the economy grows and we are restored to full employment. Cutting spending will only lead to a double-dip recession.

Reba Shimansky, NEW YORK CITY

The Job Conundrum

"Your Incredible Shrinking Paycheck" [Feb. 28] gives good information on declining wages and loss of jobs abroad. Jobs are outsourced because expenses make it difficult to make a profit in the U.S. Reducing expenses is the solution. The costs of health care and retirement (even the part of the Social Security tax paid by employers) could be removed from corporations and taken care of with general revenues. In addition, costly regulations and fees at all levels of government need to be reduced.

William "Ed" Fox, WILMINGTON, N.C.

How to Change Chicago

In "Hey, Chicago, Say Hello to Your Next F#@*ing Mayor" [Feb. 28], James Warren refers to Chicago's "fiscal predicament." For too long we have overlooked the cultural issues that have created the fiscal predicament. Until someone takes the lead in reversing the absurd cultural environment that would allow a city to borrow $245 million to provide anticipated pay raises, a lasting and substantive change will remain elusive.

Patrick J. Boova, POTTSTOWN, PA.

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