10 Questions for Darren Aronofsky

The director's latest film, Black Swan, is generating Oscar buzz. Darren Aronofsky will now take your questions

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Alexander Ho for TIME

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None of your films have been considered blockbusters. Do you plan to direct movies to appeal to a general audience?

Noah Eichelberger, IOWA CITY, IOWA

That's not really in my formula when I choose projects. I choose them based on character, because that's who I'm hanging out with for two years--a character. I'm not hanging out with the money that the film's going to make.

Your films seem to deal with achieving perfection by being obsessive. Is there a similar obsession in you?


I don't think so. I believe in the hero's journey. Characters have to be challenged. It's good to drag the characters through the mud and through all the tests possible, to see what they're made of. I just try to make the challenges as out there as I can.


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