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Some technologies die slow deaths. Decades after everyone stopped sending telegrams, Western Union finally discontinued the service.


JULY 13, 2008

When Brazilian-Belgian brewer InBev acquired the maker of Budweiser, fans feared it would force its fancy foreign tastes into the nation's beer guts. Fortunately, Bud tastes exactly the same.


SEPT. 15, 2008

This investment bank notoriously overleveraged itself on risky investments and had to file for the largest bankruptcy in U.S. history, which helped plunge the global financial system into chaos.


JUNE 22, 2009

The rich colors of Kodak's Kodachrome film are apparent in many iconic photographs--most notably Steve McCurry's famous National Geographic cover featuring an emerald-eyed Afghan girl. But with Kodak hobbled by a market dominated by digital cameras, the film and its complicated development process had to go.

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