Health-Care Crisis

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Barbara Ehrenreich is correct in her facts and conclusions about the inequities of medical insurance [ESSAY, Dec. 10], but by referring to America's health-care system, she unwittingly perpetuates the myth that we have one. What we actually have is a sickness-care system. Yes, we need reform, but even more, we need to establish a true health-care system based on prevention instead of high-tech cure and repair. If we could make a dent in the incidence of avoidable illness and injury, we could easily afford to provide full care for everyone who needs it.

Steven Tiger
, Physician Assistant
Fort Bragg, Calif.

If the U.S. gets national health care, you can welcome mediocrity, long waits for care, higher taxes and rationing of certain types of care even if you can pay.

Gordon W. Dickerson, M.D.
Medford, Ore.