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Anxiety, U.S.A.

Had Joe Klein backed up to New England on his fascinating journey, I believe he would have seen the same emotions of anger and political distrust here ["America from the Road," Oct. 18]. What troubles me is the cynical manipulation of these feelings by candidates whose solutions to the darkening national mood would even further undercut programs like Social Security and health care, which we will rebuild and re-energize. It's up to us and those who would lead us to encourage hope in America.

Thomas D. Corrigan, FARMINGTON, CONN.

Bullying Suicides

Your article on bullying missed the larger issue ["Bullied to Death?" Oct. 18]. Children are socialized at home, in church and by the media to believe that the worst thing you can be--worse than a murderer or a thief--is a "fag." Until we can overcome this institutionalized homophobia that permeates our society, we will continue to lose our children.

Richard Primuth, TAMPA

If, as you suggest, incivility is a cause of bullying, possibly our political arena is a good place to begin reform.


Voices on Militias

I am featured in your cover article "Locked and Loaded" [Oct. 11]. For the record, I have never advocated violence, I do not and have never belonged to any militia, nor do I communicate with militias in any way I am aware of. However, I do fully support the Constitution's guarantee of well-regulated militias in every state. To quote the mandate of the Second Amendment, "A well-regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed." Therefore, the absence of well-regulated militias in every state is repugnant to the Constitution. As more and more people are learning daily from largely nonmainstream media sources, it is only the Constitution that stands between the people and total tyranny, and this dangerous rejection of the Constitution has put the fate of our nation and liberty of the people at grave risk. It is this stark realization, not racial or religious bigotry, that is driving the pro-Constitution movement, the Tea Parties and, likely, the citizen militias. The public record I have established over three decades clearly shows that I have always advocated the use of peaceful, nonviolent resistance in defense of the Constitution. Any person who has ever heard me speak, including Barton Gellman, has heard me hold up the examples and teachings of Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr. Far from being antigovernment and an advocate of violence, the very purpose of the We the People organization is to educate Americans regarding the history, meaning, effect and significance of every clause of the Constitution, including the accountability through the peaceful petition process clause of the First Amendment.

Robert L. Schulz, Chairman and Founder, We the People Foundation for Constitutional Education Inc., QUEENSBURY, N.Y.

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