10 Questions for Condoleezza Rice

Her family memoir, Extraordinary, Ordinary People, has just come out. Condoleezza Rice will now take your questions

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Brooks Kraft—Corbis

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice attends a meeting between President Bush and the President of Southern Sudan Salva Kiir, in the Oval Office of the White House in Washington July 20, 2006.

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There is good leadership in Africa now, and that was not the case even a decade ago. In places like Tanzania, Botswana, Mali, you have functioning democracies where leaders have learned to pass power peacefully. It's going to be helpful if the big states--South Africa, Nigeria--can get on this trend of better governance.

What do you think about the mosque that is to be built near Ground Zero in New York City?


Everybody understands religious freedom and tolerance, and in that sense the rights of anyone to build anywhere are inviolable. But let's take account of the rawness of what happened on Sept. 11.

What is your favorite piece to play on the piano?


The second intermezzo from Opus 118 by Brahms. Before I leave this earth I hope to play his Second Piano Concerto. I've got to get in a bit better shape to play that.


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