10 Questions for Danielle Steel

The prolific, best-selling novelist has a new book, Legacy, on sale now. Danielle Steel will now take your questions

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Brigitte Lacombe

Danielle Steel

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Yes, definitely. It comes through in my writing. Every now and then, religious titles sneak in--Answered Prayers, Amazing Grace--but that stuff is very personal. You can get through hard times without religion. It's helped me, but it's not for everybody.

What's your response to the opinion that novels like yours are mercenary, lack deep ideas and can't long survive?

Nick Twinamatsiko, KAMPALA, UGANDA

Five hundred ninety million readers would say something different. And I think popular literature does survive. Charles Dickens is a wonderful example. Shakespeare is far more important than anything I'll ever write, but when I go to bed at night and I want to read something, I don't read Shakespeare. I read authors like me, and I guess other people do too.

You've written more than 100 books. Do you know how many more you'd like to write?

Marisa Caplan, SAN FRANCISCO

Probably another hundred.


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