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Nikki Wright, NASHVILLE

Images from Africa

Now I know why Cédric Gerbehaye has all those awards ["Birth Pains," Sept. 27]. His Sudan photographs are simply gorgeous.

Nancy Nesbit, TAOS, N.M.

More on Israel

The sample of highly defensive letters you received railing against Karl Vick's probe into Israeli attitudes toward peace talks should be seen as Exhibit A in support of Vick's premise [Inbox, Sept. 27]. The 60 Minutes correspondent Bob Simon, a Jew who lived in Tel Aviv for many years, said much the same thing in reports last year--that the two-state solution is all but dead given the political power of the settlers and the fact that many Israelis, faced with such an intractable problem, live in denial about the conflict.

M. Bruce Grosjean, SAN FRANCISCO

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