Campaign Kickoff

A historic election season has already begun, and our coverage of it will be unrivaled in its scope, depth and insight

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This is already a historic election — and it's barely begun. Voters have tossed three sitting Senators — the highest number since 1980. We kick off our season of political coverage this week with White House correspondent Michael Scherer's illuminating report on how Americans have cooled on Barack Obama and why that is resetting the table for the congressional elections in November. Next week, Joe Klein will begin an epic road trip across the U.S. During the four-week, 12-state journey, he will report on pivotal races and his conversations with voters. Next week we will also launch the first of our TIME-CNN election polls, a weekly gauge of key races that we will serve up between now and the election. And every weekday beginning Sept. 13 we will examine a key House race as part of our Races to Watch series on, edited by executive editor Daniel Eisenberg. Led by national editor Michael Duffy, our campaign team of Scherer, Michael Crowley, Jay Newton-Small, David Von Drehle, Michael Grunwald, Alex Altman, Nancy Gibbs, Kate Pickert and Adam Sorensen will be filing daily reports and providing commentary and analysis on our Swampland blog.

Our photographers, including Callie Shell, will also be out on the road capturing their unrivaled images for the magazine, and our iPad edition. And finally, editor at large Mark Halperin will create a redesigned edition of The Page. With more original video than ever, The Page is your all-access pass behind the scenes, taking you on the campaign trail and also into the strategy sessions and holding rooms where few reporters are permitted. Mark's One Nation column appears every Monday on, and his column Mark Halperin's Take is in every week's magazine on the Washington page.