Q&A: Jessica Alba

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Andrew H.Walker/GETTY IMAGES

Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba expands her action repertoire, playing the hottest immigration agent to ever flash a badge in Robert Rodriguez's slash-'em-up Machete. Time spoke to Alba about her Mexican heritage and her killer shoes.

You take out a guy with a stiletto heel in Machete. Was that your first shoe kill?
I believe I did something with shoes in Dark Angel, but not like this. In real life I've definitely killed bugs with shoes, for sure.

Which designer makes the best weapon?
I think I had Pradas in the movie. They were pretty good. Louboutins are good. They're both spiky. Maybe Gucci.

Killer shoe fight: you vs. Lady Gaga. Who takes it?
She can dance way better than me. But in a fight sequence I might take her. She has big heels, but I might be able to move faster.

What's your death total?
In my movies? Or in my life?

Let's start with real life, how many bodies out there are your responsibility ?
In real-life, I'm zero for zero. But in my actor life, I've taken down a few people. In this movie, I had my moment with Machete (Danny Trejo) after we were in bed together. But I probably killed the least amount of people in the film.

Did you lobby Robert Rodriguez for more killing time?
It wasn't about the killing. I just wanted to do some action.

And how's the mustache?
What do you mean? I was just like, Do I have a mustache right now? I thought I took care of that.

No, Danny Trejo's mustache. You kiss him.
I guess it tickled, I didn't pay that much attention to it. Actually, it itches.

You were really tapping into the Mexican-American part of your ancestry in this movie.
My mother is French and Danish, my father is Mexican-American. That's the culture I identify with the most. My comfort food at home isn't biscuits and gravy. It's enchiladas and tacos.

If the Arizona immigration law is enforced, would you avoid the state?
I would advise my family against driving through Arizona. And my husband, who is African American and white but looks Latino.

You hit the tequila in Machete. How are your drunk acting skills?
It's always a little weird, because when I'm drunk, I never act drunk. I just say things I probably shouldn't say. But my character drunk is funny because she's straight-laced and I assume she doesn't drink a lot of tequila.

Have you ever considered a career in law enforcement?
No, but it was fun to play a person of the law. It's bizarre, I've always kind of been scared of cops. But I did have fun having a gun. And a holster and a badge. And sirens.

For a cop you squealed a lot in your shoot-out scene.
That was my idea. I was sincerely in the moment. If people are shooting at your head and blasting into your house when you're dead asleep, what do you do?

The film promises not only a second Machete but a third as well. Have you already signed on?
I think it's assumed. When you are in one Robert Rodriguez movie and he asks you again, you jump.

Will you be packing new shoe-weapons?
A girl has got to come prepared.