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    Specific proteins found in the spinal fluid may help identify people with Alzheimer's years before they develop the disease, according to a study. The test is unproven, and there are no treatments yet for people who are positive, so it is currently being used only for research.


    Competition may be good for the soul, but not so for the life span, according to a study on longevity. Men who grew up in places where males outnumbered females--and thus had to compete for mates--lived on average three months less than those who came of age in an environment with a more even sex ratio. The authors say the stress of fending off rivals may explain the shorter life spans.



    Percentage lower chance of getting pregnant for women whose saliva had high levels of alpha-amylase, a marker of stress, than for women with low levels


    Portion of the stomach removed through the mouth in a new weight-loss surgery

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