Love Triangle

Mona Simpson's new novel explores the delicate relationships between parent, child and nanny

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Gasper Tringale

Mona Simpson

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Where My Hollywood excels is in the richness of its characterization of Lola, a woman no longer sure where or to whom she belongs: in her native country, where she employed servants, or in the U.S., where she is a servant? The holy words of America, Lola says, are There is--as in, Is there milk? "There is." She is wise enough to understand her contribution to that abundance (Is there help? There is). But lucky for Williamo, that hasn't made her cynical. Lola loves what she does. It doesn't seem a stretch to imagine her as representative of good nannies everywhere in the U.S., anxious to work despite a skill set you'd call limited. That is, until you saw her with your child.

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