France's Burqa Ban

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Even if Bobby Ghosh does not take the threat of radical Muslims seriously in "The Moment," it seems that 335 members of the French National Assembly have finally understood from where the wind blows [July 26]. To fight that threat much more has to be done, but the burqa represents one of the few instances in which Muslim extremists reveal their existence to the world. Asking the veiled if they feel oppressed? Do you really think that an oppressed woman can answer that question freely?

Home Economics
Re "The Good and Bad Economy" [July 26]: Your article pushes consuming to revive the U.S. economically. Many citizens are moving in another direction — using fewer resources, raising our own food, and using solar panels for hot water and a bicycle and legs for travel. We should not return to being the consuming culture that we were. Catch up to the times, TIME.
Bill Denneen, NIPOMO, CALIF., U.S.

A Jolt from the Volt?
As you describe in "Can the Volt Charge GM?," electric cars are finally heading to the market, and this is a good thing [July 26]. There always seems to be one detail that doesn't get much attention, though. Unless that electric car is plugged into a solar, hydro or wind source of electricity, there's a pretty good chance a coal-fired power plant will be at the other end.
Sid Darden, PENROSE, COLO., U.S.

Understanding Terrorism
Re "Where Have We Seen This Before?" [July 26]: We need to research the thinking behind the Uganda attacks so we can stop such terrorist cells. It is pointless sending in soldiers and fighting fire with fire. We need to find the core reasons behind the attacks and use social means to prevent them from developing.
Matthew Griffiths, CAPE TOWN, SOUTH AFRICA