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Rand Paul--who was endorsed by retiring Senator Jim Bunning, a longtime political insider--received only about 22% of votes cast. He buried his Republican opponents but received fewer votes than either of the top two Democratic candidates. After the November election, you may be publishing the article "The Empire Strikes Back."

Thomas D. Matijasic, HAGER HILL, KY.

Though 70 million people elected Barack Obama, it seems whoever can yell the loudest can win in these trying political times, even if they have no solutions.

Michael Nylen, SOUTH HOLLAND, ILL.

Galápagos Treasures

Re "Postcard: The Galápagos" [May 31]: As a country whose recently adopted constitution gives special status to the environment, Ecuador under President Rafael Correa has taken the politically painful step of expelling some of our own citizens from the islands to limit the permanent population and protect the natural wonder that is the Galápagos. Our collaboration with agencies around the world to both support conservation and promote tourism is a continuing struggle but one to which we are deeply committed.

Luis Gallegos, Ambassador to the U.S. from the Republic of Ecuador, WASHINGTON

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