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To Friend or Not to Friend?

I took to heart the privacy controls, or lack thereof, that your Facebook article detailed [May 31]. I had little idea how much Facebook was constantly changing its controls and maxing out additional default settings, and I have since dialed back my own settings. Yet Facebook is a fun and often mindless distraction and a good way to see what old classmates or friends are up to, even if you wouldn't want to talk to them. The greatest irony is that Mark Zuckerberg, a geek, has created the greatest social-networking tool the world has ever seen.


Tynee Seno in the Philippines spends four hours a day on Facebook? In four hours, I can dig into a good book, hang out with my daughter, make dinner and do my daily one-hour walk. If I want to connect with my friends, I'll call or e-mail or maybe even get together in person!

Valerie Emmerich, BROOKLINE, MASS.

I have a suggestion for everyone who has privacy concerns regarding Facebook: If you don't want something to become public knowledge, don't post it on the Internet.

Lindsay Smith, ATLANTA

While I recognize the brilliance of Zuckerberg's creation, I am disturbed by the absence of any place within Facebook's personal profile--which asks about education, work, likes, interests and family--to enter one's military service. For many veterans, our military service is as important to us as our other life experiences.

Spenser Rohrlick, NEW PALTZ, N.Y.

Through Facebook I located an old friend I had lost track of years ago. As a result, I joined a group for a friend of hers who is looking for a kidney donor and found that I am his best tissue match. I am awaiting the call to have secondary testing done and could not be more excited. I'll gladly accept a little less privacy for this opportunity.

Valerie Chipps, MERRITT ISLAND, FLA.

Protecting the Innocent, Most of the Time

Re "Resumed Innocent" [May 31]: Barry Scheck did everything in his power to get O.J. Simpson acquitted of a gruesome double murder when DNA evidence overwhelmingly pointed to Simpson's guilt. His goal was to win the case using any legal means possible. For me, his current quest to free the wrongfully accused is too little, too late.


Not Necessarily Teatime

David Von Drehle's observation in "A Pitchfork Primary" that Mark Critz won his Pennsylvania congressional seat by "denouncing cap and trade, embracing the gun culture and standing against abortion" speaks to the big-tent strength, not rapid-retreat weakness, of the Democratic Party today. Voters in PA-12 have different priorities than those in CA-08, but the Democratic Party's broad appeal still drew enough votes to win the seat comfortably.

Randy Poplock, SEATTLE

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