10 Questions for Jon Favreau

The actor-director's Iron Man 2 opens the summer blockbuster season. Jon Favreau will now take your questions

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Charles William Bush for TIME

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I learn more as a director from [acting] than vice versa. I've had the good fortune of being a de facto apprentice on the movies I'm an actor in. Being on other people's sets and watching the flow of work and watching how to handle people gave me a tremendous leg up on other people who were first-time directors and never had that experience.

You came out of a thriving indie-film scene. What do you think of major studios closing down their indie shops?

Martin Bennett, MOUNT AIRY, GA.

It's unfortunately inevitable because they're not making any money. And that's sad. I'm not a fan of seeing big movies. I'm not going to see a movie just because it's an event. I want to have an in.


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