Battlestar Galactica: Life After Earth

Battlestar Galactica is more than a space chase: it's become a lyrical tale of humanity under siege

Battle stars Jamie Bamber (as Adama's son Lee), Olmos and McDonnell.

Many science-fiction and fantasy sagas are driven by the quest for One Big Solution: a singular objective that, realized, fixes everything. Someone throws a ring in a volcano and Sauron is obliterated. Someone kills the emperor and balance is restored to the Force.

On Battlestar Galactica, the Sci Fi Channel's darkly relevant reimagining of the 1970s campy space opera, the One Big Solution is us--that is, Earth. Somewhere in space, a few thousand humans have escaped near genocide by the Cylons, a race of robots of their own creation and indistinguishable from humans. The survivors are driven by the search for...

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