Closing In on Election Day

On Nov. 4, a record turnout might cause a host of problems. But until then, we have Joe Klein tracking Obama's evolution

Callie Shell / Aurora for TIME

Klein interviews Obama in the front cabin of the candidate's campaign plane en route to Fayetville, N.C.

On Tuesday, Nov. 4, we will be selecting our next President. Here's my question: Why Tuesday? If your answer was, Because that's the way we've always done it, you'd be right. We've been doing it that way since 1845, and the murky reasons for it are that nobody wanted to vote on the Sabbath and voters needed time to travel by horse and buggy. But I've long thought--as have many others--that holding an election on a workday is undemocratic and makes it difficult for people to fulfill their signal act of civic participation. Either change it to Saturday, or make Election...

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