5 Things You Should Know About

Darth Vader's apprentice, a Duchess of Devonshire and an indignant Roth


Star Wars: The Force Unleashed LucasArts; out now

You're Darth Vader's apprentice. When somebody tries to mess with you, you don't initiate trade negotiations--you unleash the Force on his puny, goody-good Jedi ass. You shock him, you boomerang your light saber at him, you grab him by the midi-chlorians and chuck him off a cliff. It's an authentically dark Star Wars tale and the perfect antidote to years of Ewok-flavored cuteness. A


The Duchess Directed by Saul Dibb; rated PG-13; out now

Georgiana, Duchess of Devonshire (Keira Knightley), was an 18th century scandal magnet for having both a...

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