Mad Scientist in the Kitchen

Dave Arnold doesn't shout "Eureka!" when he cooks, but he could

Melanie Dunea for TIME

Arnold wields his immersion blender and other gadgets at the French Culinary Institute

This better be some damn good horseradish juice. And I have major doubts, since I tried horseradish juice for the first time just moments ago, and it was more about coughing and eye-watering than deliciousness. Nevertheless, I am crouched behind a chair for cover from potential glass-and-horseradish shrapnel as Dave Arnold drops some soon-to-be-clarified juice from test tubes into his newest kitchen appliance: a centrifuge from the 1950s. Smoke immediately wafts from the cord, and a horrible whirring sound builds. "We should probably have safety goggles on, huh?" he asks before the grinding of metal-on-metal gets so loud, he feels compelled...

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