In Brief

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SAFETY BET Now that New York has criminalized driving with a cell phone stuck to your ear, can other states be far behind? Happily, there are hands-free work-arounds for drivers who can't do without. One of the most elegant is the Avant headset and speakerphone ($149 at The earpiece acts as a cordless phone, linked by radio to a base that plugs into your mobile's earphone jack. When the headset needs a recharge, a built-in speakerphone takes over. Avant works with most cell-phone models, so you should be O.K.--at least until dialing is banned.

FRESH-CUT FILM If you're one of the (mostly male) millions who loved Die Hard but think you could make a better action flick, check out the Die Hard Five Star Collection DVD ($29.98). In addition to the usual DVD extras, a cutting-room tool lets you re-edit three scenes using never-before-seen footage and adjust camera angles and sound in some others. It's not easy to use, and the bonus outtake reel isn't terribly funny, but the gimmick will probably appeal to the most, um, die-hard fans.

MINI MOUSE If you don't want to buy your child a hamster, you might think about picking up an extra mouse. KidzMouse ($19.95 at for PCs fits into smaller hands for easier navigation. Better yet, it has larger buttons that curve down in front, letting kids squeeze rather than tap their mice--easier for little fingers.