Barbara Hulanicki & Mary Quant

Photograph for TIME by DAVID BAILEY

TWO TRENDY: Hulanicki, at left, and Quant put the swing into the '60s and made retailing sexy

Pausing to snatch a paisley dress from the rack, the shopper ran, screaming, for the exit. A terror group, the Angry Brigade, had planted a bomb in the London clothing store, Biba, on May Day 1971. "The only thing you can do with modern slave houses — called boutiques — is WRECK THEM," read the group's communiqué, concluding with a single word: REVOLUTION. Their bomb duly exploded, but did less damage than shoplifters — light-fingered customers, who'd already inflicted annual losses amounting to 12% of Biba's sales, took full advantage of the sudden evacuation to loot the...

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