GM Strike: It's Over

FLINT: After 54 days, the GM strike is settled -- it's all over but the ratification by the union members. So who won? Well, that's why they call it a deal. "Right now, the results are inconclusive," says TIME reporter Joe Szczesny in Flint.

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FLINT: Now that the GM strike appears to be finally settled, who won? TIME reporter Joe Szczesny, who's been following the 54-day-long strike in Flint, says that the preliminary decision goes to the union. While details are still trickling out, UAW vice president Richard Shoemaker promised that the rank and file of the two local unions would get first look at the particulars.

"The union got some jobs and a promise not to sell plants," says Szczesny. "GM will invest $180 million in the Flint Metal Center in exchange for an improvement in productivity there." In return, the union will settle the festering disputes at three other locations not on strike -- and Szczesny thinks GM may have won more than the union announced Tuesday. "There should be more back end for GM coming out soon" as details of the deal emerge over the next few days, he says. No matter how it did, the world's largest carmaker can't get back to making cars until the deal works its way through the pipeline of union members -- and the next few days are going to seem like an eternity.