All In The Family


THE FUTURE: Fiat heir apparent Elkann, on the old test track of Fiat's HQ in Turin; the Agnelli's Renzo Piano-designed gallery is behind

It's not the fine-dining experience you might expect an Agnelli would prefer. The anointed heir to Italy's greatest industrial fortune is settling into his chair at Vittoria, a homespun Turin trattoria where plates clank every time the nearby kitchen door swings open. But for John Elkann, the 30-year-old vice chairman of both Fiat and IFIL, the Agnelli family's €6 billion holding company, this is the perfect place for a power lunch. After ordering his favorite Vittoria dish — a lightly fried veal cutlet with fresh tomatoes — Elkann leans in to better explain his choice. "You know why I really like...