Will Podcasting Kill the Radio Star

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Podcasting, a new way of distributing audio programs to iPods, is a fresh twist on pirate radio. Podcasts are recorded episodes of varying length made by people ranging from experienced pros to wannabe DJs. They can be listened to on your computer whenever you please or downloaded to your iPod or similar MP3 player and enjoyed while you drive to work, jog or cook dinner. Championed by former MTV VJ Adam Curry, who created iPodder.org and launched his first podcast in August 2004, the idea has snowballed, and there are now more than a thousand podcasters. The content could use an upgrade, but at least there's variety. Podcasts range over such topics as religion (see godcast.org), filmmaking skinnybones.net), cover songs coverville.com) and tech talk engadget.com). Traditional radio outlets like NPR, the BBC and Air America are increasingly posting podcasts as well. If you want to get a handle on it all, PodcastAlley.com is emerging as an easy-to-use guide to the pod world. The site features ratings, discussion groups and lists of some of the newest and most interesting podcasts.