Holy-Wood Or Bust

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Shrek 2
PLOT Ogre newlyweds Shrek and Fiona meet the horrified in-laws

LESSON "If we approach others with an aim to change them rather than an aim to know them, to love them and to exemplify a better life for them, we make ourselves ugly with arrogance in the process." christianitytoday.com

I, Robot
PLOT A detective (Will Smith) saves humanity from renegade androids

LESSON "The theology ... is that 'sometimes the created needs to help the creator, even against his will.' It's the Hollywood assumption that God needs our help, which is arrogant at best and suicidal at worst." crosswalk.com

PLOT A ragtag dodgeball team must save a gym

LESSON "Every form of media seems to proclaim what we must do in order to find acceptance...Challenge your young people to reject these lies. Instead, help them find contentment in [their] unique God-given shape and personality." ministryandmedia.com

The Bourne Supremacy
PLOT A rogue CIA agent tries to recover his memory before he is killed

LESSON "Since getting amnesia, he has been 'Bourne again' ... The search for his identity is not so much about self-illumination as it is about atoning for sins he can't remember committing." hollywoodjesus.com