10 Essential Sports Sites

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The best place to gain a working understanding of everything from cell phones to dieting to lock picking is also a valuable resource for sports nuts. Spend some time here to learn all about the inner workings of bowling-pin setters, how to adjust your golf swing to significantly improve your game, how performance-enhancing drugs work and the technology that produces that amazing first-down line in football telecasts. Who says jocks are dumb?


Why spend hours scouring the Web for every morsel of sports news when folks like Los Angeles sports radio host Brooks Melchior will do it for you? His weblog is skewed toward news of Southern California teams, but it has a great mix of national bloggery as well, thanks in part to fans all over the country who e-mail Brooks the best stuff from their local papers. Brooks' site is a rarity; though plenty of political blogs can be found, there are only a few readable, interesting weblogs about sports. A few other quality blogs: sportsfilter.com, for the general-interest fan; baseballprimer.com, for rare and obscure baseball news; and the essential hockey site, puckupdate.com.

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