"I Do" with Doughnuts

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PRODUCT Doughnut cakes
HOW IT STARTED Brides and grooms in the South wanted their favorite pastry nearby
JUDGMENT An unconventional touch to a formal day

Birthday cakes began to go informal last year when Martha Stewart suggested celebrating with towers of Rice Krispies treats in lieu of a traditional cake; now wedding cakes are following suit. In cities such as Baltimore, Md., and Atlanta newlyweds are replacing that most staid and serious of confections with a more lighthearted and whimsical dessert--tiers of Krispy Kreme doughnuts. The first Krispy Kreme cakes were simple layers stacked by the bride and groom, but as the idea caught on, Krispy Kreme shops (which don't put the cakes together themselves) began offering more elaborate design templates to be carried out by local cake decorators. Newlyweds not quite ready to abandon traditional cakes have been handing out special boxes of the glazed treats as wedding favors. Could Pop-Tarts at baby showers be far behind?