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RESIGNED. MATTHEW GLAVIN, 47, president of the conservative Southeastern Legal Foundation, which is seeking to have President Clinton disbarred in Arkansas; after being charged with public indecency for allegedly fondling himself and an undercover park ranger in May in Georgia's Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area; in Atlanta. Glavin, who has fought against affirmative-action policies and same-sex benefits, denies the charges.

DIED. BENJAMIN ORR, 53, versatile bassist in the 1980s New Wave band the Cars who shared vocals with guitarist Ric Ocasek; of pancreatic cancer; in Atlanta.

DIED. REGGIE KRAY, 66, British gangster who in the 1950s and '60s ruled east London with his identical twin Ronnie as modern-day Robin Hoods, giving money to the poor and hobnobbing with West End socialites; a month after he was released from prison, where he spent 32 years for murder; of bladder cancer; in Norwich, England.

DIED. RICHARD FARNSWORTH, 80, Hollywood's archetypal farmhand and two-time Oscar nominee; of a self-inflicted gunshot wound; at his home in Lincoln, N.M. Partly paralyzed from cancer, he became the oldest leading actor last year to receive an Oscar bid, for his role in The Straight Story. He worked as a stuntman in more than 300 films before landing his first significant speaking role in 1976. DIED. WILLIAM BUNDY, 83, patrician counselor to three Presidents, who was a pivotal figure in leading America into the Vietnam War along with his brother McGeorge Bundy, National Security Adviser under Kennedy and Johnson, and the rest of the elite corps of "the best and the brightest"; in Princeton, N.J. Bundy supported aerial attacks on North Vietnam in 1965 but reluctantly backed the large-scale introduction of U.S. troops. Later he was critical of Henry Kissinger's secretive attempts to disentangle America from the war. "Everyone in the State Department is trying to knife me in the back, except for Bill Bundy," Kissinger said after becoming Nixon's National Security Adviser. "He is still enough of a gentleman to knife me in the chest."