Pride & Passion

Apichai Tragoolpadetgrai/Applause Pictures.

Thai actress Pataravarin Timkul, left, and Canadian-Chinese actress Christy Chung bond before their amorous scene in "Jan Dara".

It's the final week of shooting on Jan Dara, and the location is Khao Yai National Park, a two-hour drive from Bangkok, where a lavish set has been prepared to resemble an aristocratic complex of five houses from the 1950s. Work begins at a wrenching 6 a.m. and drags on for 22 hours, and the temperature is soaring. It will soon get hotter. The final scene in the production schedule is a sybaritic consummation of furtive desire between two female characters. That has created anticipation, apprehension, curiosity and some plain old sauciness that one suspects was the intention from the start...