In Brief

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JUNIOR HOSTS In an effort to get kids excited about eating dinner with company instead of in front of the TV, the James Beard Foundation and the American Institute of Wine & Food have developed the Dinner Party Project. The month-long program for elementary schools teaches students all about throwing a dinner party, including how to invite guests, plan a menu, cook and show good manners.

TWEEN DISCIPLINE An Iowa State University study shows that children with stricter parents are more likely to stay out of trouble later in life. Trying to determine why some kids run into trouble as teens while others reach adulthood unscathed, researchers found that the quality of parenting during middle school years was key. Parents who set curfews and actively disciplined kids at this age had the most success; cracking down during high school is less effective because teens are more autonomous.

SIDS DANGER According to an article in the current issue of Pediatrics, babies can be too warm for their own good. Overheating caused by too much clothing, heavy bedding and cranked-up radiators may increase the risk of sudden infant death syndrome for a baby. To help keep a baby safe, pediatricians recommend maintaining a consistent room temperature and dressing your baby in as much or as little as you would wear.