A Letter to President Bush

  • Dear Mr. President:

    No challenge we face is more momentous than the threat of global climate change. The current provisions of the Kyoto Protocol are a matter of legitimate debate. But the situation is becoming urgent, and it is time for consensus and action. There are many strategies for curbing greenhouse-gas emissions without slowing economic growth. In fact, the spread of advanced, cleaner technology is more of an economic opportunity than a peril. We urge you to develop a plan to reduce U.S. production of greenhouse gases. The future of our children—and their children—depends on the resolve that you and other world leaders show.


    Jimmy Carter
    Mikhail Gorbachev
    John Glenn
    Walter Cronkite
    George Soros
    J. Craig Venter
    Jane Goodall
    Edward O. Wilson
    Harrison Ford
    Stephen Hawking