Table of Contents: Dec. 1, 2003

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NOTEBOOK: A shortage of soldiers threatens the delicate Afghan peace; Mubarak's collapse underscores Egypt's need for a successor; why the Army is bolting metal cages to its battle wagons; a gaggle of celebrity turkey hands 17


IN THE ARENA: Joe Klein on why Democrats are losing the political game and Republicans are betraying their convictions 25


BUSH'S GO-TO GUY With sweeping energy and Medicare bills at stake, can the Senate's Bill Frist deliver? 42


OUR POLARIZING PRESIDENT Why do Americans either adore Bush or loathe him--and what does it mean for 2004? 28

THE TIME/CNN POLL: A detailed look at the sharp divisions over Bush and what they say about Americans 34

US VS. THEM: The O'Reilly-Franken anger industry is booming 38

GLOBAL AGENDA: On the real reasons Europeans dislike the 40 President

GOIN' TO THE CHAPEL? A Massachusetts court rules in favor of gay marriage 46

THE CUFFED ONE: Child-molestation allegations catch up with Michael Jackson 48


TERROR IN ISTANBUL A matched pair of deadly bombings in Turkey 52 mark the widening of a campaign against the U.S. and its allies

SETTLING SCORES: Vigilantism is escalating in Iraq as gangs go after those who served Saddam 58


AIRLINE WELFARE Both US Airways and America West got massive federal bailouts. Why is only one of them flying right? 62

BLACK AND BLUE: Transatlantic newspaper baron Conrad Black goes out swinging 64


IS ALZHEIMER'S ALL IN THE FAMILY? Doctors study siblings who have the disease, looking for defective genes they share 86


THE TRUTH ABOUT TIM His new film, Big Fish, challenges the many myths surrounding misfit director Tim Burton 88

STAR BURST: Alec Baldwin used to be a leading man. Now he just acts like one 92


TECH: A demented new game from the makers of Grand Theft Auto; the wireless boob tube 105

HEALTH: A batch of bad salsa triggered an outbreak of hepatitis A. What you need to know about the disease 106

LIFESTYLE: The virtues of the pomegranate; a prettier pout 109

PEOPLE: Who was offended by Eminem now; Bernie Mac gets facials; soccer's kicky new star; Renee out in the cold 111

ESSAY: Lev Grossman on living in the destructive orbit of genius 112

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