It's Payback Time For Paris

What do the French deserve? Washington relishes the possibilities

Talk about sore winners! The White House revealed last week that it's exploring ways to "punish" the French for their opposition to the war in Iraq.

I know--let's make 'em all bathe.

Ha ha.

Good one, sir.

Further French persnicketiness leads to the inevitable...

Alors! They've hit Chirac's residence!

And Georges Duboeuf's!

U.S. ground troops encounter fierce disdain.

The humvee is the ultimate symbol of America's military and cultural hegemony.

And the cut of those fatigues--bah!

Despite pockets of hauteur, the U.S. declares its mission complete.

France has fallen--but Freedomland has risen!

Adding insult to injury, the White House appoints an...

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