The Numbers: Remains of a Day

The world's fifth and sixth tallest buildings were crushed into 1.8 million tons of smoking concrete and steel, a tomb for nearly 3,000 people. Now the job was recovery, and with each truckload the tr

6 years, 8 months Time it took to build the World Trade Center, from 1966 to 1973

1 hour, 42 minutes Time it took to destroy the towers, from the first impact to the second collapse

180 m.p.h. Speed at which a Boeing 707 could hit the towers but still not destroy them, under the official engineering plan

470 m.p.h., 590 m.p.h. Estimated flight speeds of the two Boeing 767 jets that hit the towers

0.9 Magnitude of the earthquake-like tremor caused by the impact of American Airlines Flight 11 hitting the north tower

1800[degrees]F Estimated temperature of the fires ignited...

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