Enron Takes A Life

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After Baxter's death, Skilling was said to be "devastated." Watkins was "stunned." Former Enron lobbyist Joe Allen was "in shock." Baxter's lawyer said his family, including his widow Carol Whalen and two children, 11 and 16, want "to mourn privately, in peace, with dignity." Friends in Amityville, N.Y., where J. Clifford "Cliffie" Baxter grew up as one of six siblings born to a homemaker mom and police sergeant dad, saw how appearances can deceive. Said Jo Kenny, 66, a friend and neighbor in Amityville: "You think a person has achieved so much, but [problems] go much deeper."

--By Cathy Booth Thomas/Dallas. With reporting by Daren Fonda/Amityville and Joe Pappalardo and Jyoti Thottam/New York

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