The Enron Players

A humbling resignation and hearings in Congress for Andersen executives (with an audience cameo by The Sopranos' Lorraine Bracco) fueled last week's intrigue

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    A former vice chairman of Enron Energy Services, White faced enemy fire last week for his push last year to privatize energy utilities that supply the armed forces. The activist group Public Citizen accused White of making decisions favorable to Enron soon after he officially joined the Bush Administration last June. Previously, White drew attention for his Enron holdings, more than 400,000 shares--by far the largest among Bush Administration officials--which he sold between June and October for an estimated profit of more than $12 million. In those months, he says he had 30 strictly personal calls or meetings with Enron employees.

    SHERRON WATKINS Enron vice president

    Corporate-development executives make the unlikeliest folk heroes. But Watkins wrote the prescient Aug. 15 memo to Lay that predicted Enron could "implode in a wave of accounting scandals"--a line that is already a well-worn mantra among Enron's victims.

    --By Eric Roston

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