Tehran's Game

Iranian meddling in neighboring Afghanistan raises new concerns about an old troublemaker

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That's one argument for easing sanctions against Tehran. And it's another reason the West's long-term commitment to rebuild Afghanistan looms so large. The West now has the opportunity to show that countries can reap benefits for renouncing terrorism, not simply avoid punishment. Many Iranians are watching to see whether Afghanistan, with American help, can become a modern, functional state freed from the grip of fundamentalism--the kind of country they want for themselves. The U.S. has never had a better chance to convince Iranians they can get it too.

--Reported by Scott MacLeod/Cairo, J.F.O. McAllister/London, Tim McGirk/Kabul, Azadeh Moaveni/Tehran, Michael Ware/Kandahar and Adam Zagorin/Washington

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