Cinema: Victory In The Trenches

Soldiers, peacekeepers and journalists all come together in the emotionally potent No Man's Land

In 1993, in the No Man's Land between their lines, a Bosnian (Branko Djuric) and a Serb (Rene Bitorajac) are trapped in a trench, exchanging anger and the occasional gunshot. They are aware that the Serbs have booby-trapped one of the dead bodies in their refuge with a spring-loaded bomb. If he is moved, it will explode. But the inert soldier (Filip Sovagovic) is not dead. Now we have a situation--and the makings of a very good movie.

The U.N. peacekeepers are called. The blue helmet closest to the scene, an earnest Frenchman (Georges Siatidis), wants to do something and disobeys...