Christina Aguilera: What A Woman Wants

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Q. Whom would you like to collaborate with?

A. Shakira. We haven't met, but I've seen her. I really like her. I like how different she is--how she combines all this ethnicity. You know, I'd like to get back to people trying to depict me as the diva. I went through a period when I was touring when I was so unhappy. A lot of people couldn't see it because great things were happening to me. But I was really being overworked. I had really unhealthy people around me who were doing damaging things, and nobody knew this. I think a lot of people heard about public arguments sometimes. So maybe people spread the word of me being a diva.

Q. How much control do you have now over your work, your makeup, your clothes?

A. Now? Now I have total control. Before, I had to stay with that perfect pop image. But I'm glad I went through it. I'm stronger now.

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