Marc Anthony: Best of Both Worlds

Don't say crossover to Marc Anthony. With a pop album in English and a salsa album in Spanish, he wants it all

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But finding domestic tranquillity wasn't easy for Anthony, who had a fair share of tabloid exposure from stormy relationships with Mira Sorvino and Jennifer Lopez. He and Torres, a former Miss Universe from Puerto Rico, were introduced at a party. They dated on and off for almost 2 1/2 years. Then, in May 2000, while they were in Los Angeles for an awards show, Anthony surprised Torres by chartering two planes filled with friends and family to Las Vegas. At midnight the two were married in the penthouse Oriental Suite of the Desert Inn.

Before the press junkets start for his new CDs, Anthony will take his family on a cruise aboard his new 73-ft. yacht Maribel, named after the sister he lost to a brain tumor. He's excited, yet embarrassed by the extravagance. He recalls going through "rich people's trash" on Manhattan's Upper East Side as a child, looking for toys his mother couldn't afford: "I'll never forget finding this Tonka truck. It was missing a wheel, but it was the best toy I ever had." These days, there's little missing in his life.

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