A First Report Card On Vouchers

Cleveland's program gets mixed grades. Parents are happier, but students may not be learning more. And vouchers may be dividing the city

Starr's Last Gasps

After losing to McDougal, the prosecutor is chasing side player Julie Steele. Does this make sense?


The Military: How We Fight (Kosovo Crisis / The Military)

A look inside the Pentagon's battle plan. It's really cool, but is it working?

The Policy Bomb (Kosovo Crisis / The Diplomacy)

A week of gruesome bombing is a haunting overture to NATO's 50th-birthday party


The Last Resort (Medicine)

A controversial breast-cancer therapy pits women against insurers


The Gay Side of Nature (Behavior)

Even as moralists and activists continue to debate homosexuality, many species casually practice it

Most Likely To Succeed (Crime)

Tom and Ethan were the pride of Grant High. Why did they ruin it all with a string of armed robberies?


Kosovo (Notebook)

Clinton's View: NATO Spoke Rashly, Unwisely

Astronomy (Notebook)

New Real Estate in Space


He Found His Girls (Update)

Hidden abroad by their mom, two kids are now snatched back by Dad



Cinema: Ready, Set, Glow! (The Arts / Cinema)

It's almost here. But if you can't wait, here's a look at the new episode in the Star Wars saga

Cinema: Of Myth And Men (The Arts / Cinema)

A conversation between Bill Moyers and George Lucas on the meaning of the Force and the true theology of Star Wars

Cinema: A Galactic Guide (The Arts / Cinema)

Like most epic sagas, Star Wars features a complex cast of interrelated characters and colorful creatures. That galaxy far, far away just got a lot more crowded


Big Gain, Less Pain (Personal Time / Your Money)

With home values rising, see if you've got the equity to dump private-mortgage insurance

Virtually Fearless (Personal Time / Your Technology)

Do you have fear of flying? I do. A visit to a virtual- reality clinic didn't cure my jitters, but it helped

Fire in the Belly (Personal Time / Your Health)

I thought my heartburn was just a nuisance. Now I know it could lead to a deadly disease


Heart And Flowers (Heroes For The Planet / Earth Day Special)

Once a year, on April 22, Earth has its day--a time for us to learn more about what ails the planet. Meet the teachers who help us see the challenges, and a new generation that's responding

Lost In Cyberspace (Heroes For The Planet / Earth Day Special)

The World Wide Web offers an education, but watch where you're going