Murder Most Foul

After more than a decade of ploys, an accused serial killer finally stands trial for sex-slave murders

Gender Bender

A cross-dressing teenager must leave, says a school

Playing Deadly Games?

A Swissair flight that killed 229 people may have been brought down by the in-flight entertainment


Russia's New Icon

Former spymaster Yevgeni Primakov reluctantly became Prime Minister two months ago. Now he is virtually running the country


Victory Lap (Space)

For NASA, a shot into space provides a shot in the arm, as John Glenn at last returns to orbit


The Root of Tranquillity (Health)

Is extract of kava a natural substitute for Valium--or just alternative medicine's newest herb du jour?


The Fall of the Supermodel (Fashion)

They ruled for a decade, but now the Super Six are giving glamour away to actresses and gangly teens

What the Cutters Feel (Behavior)

Long scorned and misunderstood, people who injure themselves are finally being taken seriously




The Reno Watch (Notebook / The Scoop)

Intent Seems Missing In Campaign Violations


The New Counterculture (Viewpoint)

Today's kids are hipper than their '60s counterparts, just less politically focused



Preschool for Everyone

Rich parents can afford it; poor ones get it free. Now some states want to make pre-K universal


Art: Dappled Glories (The Arts / Art)

It's the show of the season: a survey of the innovative, swirling works by Jackson Pollock that changed the face of American art

Books: Hearts of Darkness (The Arts / Books)

Matters of race, religion and gender collide as a missionary family moves to the Congo in 1959

Cinema: What Price Freedom? (The Arts / Cinema)

The future of the U.S. is at risk again. But this time around, we may be our own worst enemy

Exiled (The Arts / Short Takes)

NBC Sunday


Mortgage Mart (Personal Time / Your Money)

With rates tumbling, pay a little more now and retain the flexibility to refinance again next year

Home Hollywood (Personal Time / Your Technology)

You want to make movies? It's getting cheaper and easier to use your PC to edit videotape

Tamoxifen's Risks (Personal Time / Your Health)

The cancer drug is okayed for healthy women, but you need a PC to decide whether to use it


Business Report: The Coming Storm (Time Select / Business Report)

If they aren't already, U.S. managers may soon be steering through the ugly waters of the global economic slowdown. How can they prepare?

Business Report: Perks That Work (Time Select / Business Report)

Flexible benefits are taking some interesting new twists, and turning a profit from employee loyalty

Corporate Welfare: Corporate Welfare (Special Report / Corporate Welfare)

A TIME investigation uncovers how hundreds of companies get on the dole--and why it costs every working American the equivalent of two weeks' pay every year

Corporate Welfare: States At War (Special Report / Corporate Welfare)

Shrewd companies are increasingly pitting politicians against one another in a quest for bigger and better tax breaks. Yet rarely do these subsidies create jobs, and the incentives sometimes rob gover