Besuboru Like It Oughta Be (Chronicles)

Japanese (and deprived American) fans were transfixed as the Yomiuri Giants met the Seibu Lions in the seven-game 1994 Japan Series.

Follow The Money (Time On Capitol Hill)

More often than not, it's what's in the campaign coffers that determines who goes to Washington. Here are the main contenders from your district for seats in the 104th Congress, along with how much ca


Collusion with Killers (Rwanda)

The aid effort is bringing relief to refugees, but the real beneficiaries are the instigators of Rwanda's genocide

Sorry, Still No Sale (Middle East)

In his first venture into personal peacemaking, Clinton goes head to head with Assad and comes away without any visible signs of diplomatic progress

The Hard Way Out (North Korea)

Impatient for freedom, more and more North Koreans are risking their lives to cross the cold war's last frontier


Oops ... Wrong Answer (Space)

Data from the Hubble telescope on the universe's age call physicists' cherished theories into question

The Rivers Ran Black (Environment)

A huge oil spill fouls Russia's far north, raising specters of Alaska's Exxon Valdez disaster


Madness in Fine Print (Ethics)

Using mentally ill subjects for psychiatric experiments too often means extracting and relying on their ill-informed consent

Sweet, Sweet Surrender (Crime)

A Cali cartel chief proposes to give up under conditions so lenient that they may strain U.S.-Colombian relations


Computer Dating

To break out of its narrow niche, Apple contemplates a historic alliance with IBM



A Sunny Forecast (Energy)

Always cleaner than fossil fuels, renewable power sources may soon be just as cheap


History, the Sequel

A controversial new set of recommendations generates a debate on what's important about America's past


CINEMA: Home Front (Arts & Media / CINEMA)

In The War, a vet's kids replay Vietnam in Georgia

MUSIC: Madonna Goes PG-13 (Arts & Media / MUSIC)

The queen of sexual shock releases a restrained album that is an engaging, gently funky survey of contemporary R. and B.

MUSIC: Singing to a Silent Harp (Arts & Media / MUSIC)

Dolores O'Riordan, Sinead O'Connor and Katell Keineg carry on the great Irish tradition of glorious voices

BOOKS: Take These Books, Please (Arts & Media / BOOKS)

First they got their own hit TV shows. Now stand-up comics like Tim Allen and Paul Reiser are writing best sellers too

BOOKS: That Wild Old Woman (Arts & Media / BOOKS)

Pauline Kael has led a war on bad films, raised mere movie reviewing to the level of criticism and given everybody fits

TELEVISION: The Unfrozen North (Arts & Media / TELEVISION)

Canada has long offered cut-rate locations for U.S. producers; now more Canadian shows are crossing the border as well