And Gandhi Never Got One (Chronicles)

The selection of sometime terrorist Yasser Arafat as a co-winner of this year's Nobel Peace Prize is the latest reminder that the honor often goes to leaders with less than Gandhi-like resumes.

Governors on the Run (Elections)

If big-name Democrats fall in the largest states, the loss of local clout will hurt Clinton in '96


A Show of Strength (Iraq)

Clinton's charge sends Saddam into retreat, but taming him is another matter

Haiti: Deliverance

Jean-Bertrand Aristide's triumpant homecoming in Port-au-Prince is also turning out to be a welcome foreign policy victory for Bill Clinton

Haiti: Great Expectations

While the poor are bewitched by dreams of peace and plenty, the rich are preparing for an apocalypse

Murderers of Peace (Israel)

Islamic foes want the kidnapping of an Israeli soldier -- and its tragic outcome -- to kill peace negotiations

Orange Light for Peace | (Northern Ireland)

Protestant paramilitary groups announce they will join the Irish Republican Army in observing a cease-fire

Ruble Or Rubble? (Russia)

After the fall: the struggle continues over Russia's postcommunist economy


A Royal Pain in the Wrist (Health)

Computer injuries are mounting, big lawsuits are looming, and now the government is set to step in


Remains of the Day (Cults)

The leaders of the Solar Temple are among the dead in the mass murder-suicide, but many mysteries linger



SHOW BUSINESS: A Studio Is Born (Arts & Media / SHOW BUSINESS)

The new unit formed by Jeffrey Katzenberg, Steven Spielberg and David Geffen tosses Hollywood into a tizz

MUSIC: Failed Mopers (Arts & Media / MUSIC)

There is one alternative band that can't help being joyful

CINEMA: False Hoops (Arts & Media / CINEMA)

In a thrilling documentary, two kids struggle to be No. 1

CINEMA: Hey, Nanni (Arts & Media / CINEMA)

Moretti's Caro Diario is a breezy trip toward mortality

BOOKS: Missing in Contemplation (Arts & Media / BOOKS)

Tim O'Brien, perhaps the best writer of fiction about Vietnam, deals with it again in a novel that is brave and often brilliant

CINEMA: Radio Active (Arts & Media / CINEMA)

George Lucas tests the limits of high-pressure narrative


Bittersweet Honors (Nobel Prizes)

Behind the awards: tales of pain, lost promise and recognition too long deferred