D-DAY: Fascism (D-DAY)

Lives 50 years later, the legacy of Hitler and Mussolini still bedevils Europe


A Chance to Be Heard (Time On Capitol Hill)

Two vital issues -- health care and welfare reform -- will preoccupy Congress in the coming months. TIME offers a digest of key proposals under consideration and invites you to use the attached postca

Dealmaker's Downfall (Congress)

As one of the Capitol's most powerful legislators decides his fate, colleagues wonder how it happened

Looking for a Lift (The Presidency)

Scandals and rivals have stalled him, but Clinton hopes to regain momentum by getting out of town

Sexual Harassment: A Primer (Chronicles)

Sexual harassment has been in the news of late. Here's a look at how the legal definition of the term has evolved.


Sorry, Wrong Country (Rwanda)

Despite its outrage, the international community has neither the will nor the way to stop the slaughter


A Real Space Monster

The Hubble telescope finds hard evidence that giant black holes exist, and not just in Einstein's equations

Redwoods: The Last Stand (Environment)

A young activist fights a corporate raider to save an ancient California forest from being cut down


One Premium Fits All? (Health Care)

As Congress tackles the wild variation in insurance costs, lawmakers debate just how equal to make them



Kings of The Road (Autos)

As putative antidotes to suburban life, 4WDs are hot and heading upscale

Murdoch's Biggest Score

First he captured N.F.L. football. Now he's taken 12 new stations -- and network TV will never be the same.



BOOKS: Blinded by the Light (The Arts & Media / BOOKS)

James Fallows warns that Japan will come back from its economic troubles stronger and more aggressive than ever

CINEMA: Eddie Who? (Arts & Media / CINEMA)

Beverly Hills Cop III spells trouble for its star

Saturday Night Fever (The Arts & Media / SHOW BUSINESS)

A brilliant American film noir with John Travolta and Bruce Willis barges in at the last minute to take top honors at Cannes

CINEMA: Siddhartha In Seattle (The Arts & Media / CINEMA)

Bernardo Bertolucci's Little Buddha is a ravishing film about an American boy who may be a reincarnated Tibetan lama

The Knock at the Door (The Arts & Media / PROFILE)

Fame comes calling on Cormac McCarthy, but he's hiding out in order to write his violent, exquisite novels