Can Animals Think? (Cover Story)

After years of debate, ingenious new studies of dolphins, apes and other brainy beasts are convincing many scientists that the answer is yes


At Last, a Full Cabinet (The Week: Nation)

Janet Reno breezes to confirmation as the first female Attorney General

Besieging The Messiah (The Week: Nation)

The wait outside a cult compound in Texas drags into a third week

Rodney King, Live (The Week: Nation)

The central figure in the L.A. police trial testifies for the prosecution


Bombs In Bombay (The Week World)

Twelve explosions tear through the city, killing more than 300

Bye-Bye Ballots (The Week World)

Elections in Cambodia will proceed but without the Khmer Rouge

Death in The Mosque (The Week World)

23 are killed as Egyptian police stage raids against Muslim militants

Inspection Lockout (The Week World)

North Korea withdraws from the nuclear nonproliferation treaty

Who Rules Russia? (The Kremlin)

In a brutal struggle for power, parliament reins in Yeltsin and imperils the course of his economic and political reforms

Yeltsin Loses Twice (The Week World)

In a Power Showdown Congress tries to strip his authority and rejects a Russia-wide vote


Cutting Close to Home (Defense)

The base closings affect the entire nation, but one Congressman's district got hit by a surgical strike.

The $400 Bomb (Terrorism)

New arrests and a hot money trail lead investigators to wonder who else might be behind the Tower bombing


Big Gamble in Space

A shuttle mission aims to save the Hubble telescope -- and NASA's reputation


Balloon Power (The Week Health & Science)

New evidence cites angioplasty as the better way to treat heart attacks

Batteries With Bounce (The Week Health & Science)

A rubbery power cell may be the answer for electric vehicles

Operation Hillary (Health Care)

The First Lady is discovering whether the best way to reform health care is to put the smartest people in a big room and pull a lot of all-nighters


Alas, Slavery Lives (The Week: Society)

A new report details a world still plagued by human bondage

The Archbishop's Sins (The Week: Society)

A top Hispanic-American cleric confesses to sexual improprieties

Thou Shalt Not Kill (Crime)

With three pops of a handgun, two men who did not seem destined to co-star in a national morality play suddenly became fused in violence



King of The Street (The Week: Business)

Sandy Weill's megadeal with American Express augurs a brokerage war

Peddling Power For Profit

Big names and political connections prove a bankable asset for a growing Washington investment firm


Barbarians on The Screen (Television)

A high-finance best seller comes to the tube with the greed and nastiness intact, and much of the drama too