A Mind-Set Under Siege (U.S. Military)

Plans to open the armed services to admitted homosexuals and allow women in combat prompt hard thinking about the meaning of manhood

Above The Fray (The Week: Nation)

The White House wasn't involved in the passport scandal . . . technically

Cops On Trial (The Week: Nation)

Four Detroit policemen face charges for the death of a black motorist

The Foreigner-Tax Folly (Budget)

Clinton's plan to raise $45 billion from non-U.S. companies is a pipe dream, economists say, and reflects a shortsighted view of outside investment


Hanoi Show-and-Tell (The Week World)

To prove there are no POWs, Vietnam showers Senators with grisly artifacts

Lowering The Boom (The Week World)

The U.N. stiffens sanctions against Yugoslavia, but to what end?

Making Amends On Asylum (The Week World)

Germany's Social Democrats give in to a compromise on political refugees

Signals From Two Old Foes (The Middle East)

In interviews with TIME, Syria's President and Israel's Prime Minister discuss their hopes, fears, doubts and differences regarding peace negotiations between nations that have been bitter enemies for

Unsettling Remarks (The Week World)

Beijing's anti-democracy attacks finally shake the Hong Kong markets

Warning Shot (The Week World)

A vote on Panama's army turns into a referendum on the President


Leaky Sanctions (The Balkans)

The embargo against Yugoslavia is tightening, but the wrong people are hurting, and the prospects for peace are no better


Subterranean Secrets

Though dark, dank and dangerous, caves are proving to be ideal labs for learning about evolution, pollution and even hidden oil


Cleaner Dry Cleaners (The Week Health & Science)

An experiment gets under way to replace a widely used solvent, perc

Fish Hunks (The Week Health & Science / Et Cetera)

Fish Hunks


Befuddled by Women (The Week: Society)

After a nine-year effort, U.S. Catholic bishops reject a controversial decree

Serving Justice a Blow (The Week: Society)

Who leaked the prosecutors' battle plan for the trial of the L.A. cops?

Zone, Sweet Zone (The Week: Society)

A federal judge orders Miami to create arrest-free homeless havens


The Lioness in Winter

At 36, having transformed sports for women, tennis star Martina Navratilova is managing her decline just as she managed her career: adroitly and outspokenly


Clinton's People: Tony Lake (The Transition)

A Foreign Policy Puritan On the farm, teaching, and in government, TONY LAKE blends realism with idealism

Mr. Clinton Goes to Washington (The Transition)

The President-elect touched all the right bases in his victory lap around the capital, but his visit showed that the struggle over his body and soul is just beginning


Auto Pileup (The Week: Business)

Despite a switch in drivers, gremlins still torment General Motors

Over To You (The Week: Business)

Washington's approval of an airline deal invites foreign carriers to reciprocate

Was GM Reckless?

The troubled automaker is accused of ignoring an unsafe gas-tank design


Shock Jock (Show Business)

Howard Stern is shaking up radio -- and the FCC -- with his raunchy, racist, in-your-face talk, but listeners seem to love it

The X Factor (Cinema)

More than just a movie, Spike Lee's Malcolm X is a pop-culture sensation and an inspiration to blacks