Head to Head (Cover Stories)

In a TIME exclusive, top advisers for Bush and Clinton square off in a feisty exchange over whose plan is more likely to fix the broken economy

Shock Treatment (Cover Stories)

Perot's budget proposal wins raves for its honesty, but many economists fear the timing is wrong

Three-Ring Political Circus (Cover Stories)

Perot's return -- and the specter of trilateral debates -- jolts a race that was looking like a Clinton blowout. But will the final results change?

Perot: Who's in Charge Here? (Cover Stories)

Having burned his bridges with the professionals that ran his earlier campaign, Perot now calls his own shots with the help of hand-picked cronies


Hot Potatoes (The Week: Nation)

The Democrats keep tossing touchy bills at the White House

Who's On Trial? (The Week: Nation)

The cover-up defense in an Iraqgate trial gets its day in court


Follow The Money (The Week World)

Operation Green Ice breaks up the Cali cartel's financial network

Talks, At A Price (The Week World)

A deal freeing terrorists brings the A.N.C. back to the table South Africa.

The Wet-Clay Protest (Middle East)

As the peace talks progress, a fresh union of Palestinian rejectionists hardens its efforts to demolish the negotiations


Murder At Ugar Gorge (The Balkans)

One lucky survivor recounts to TIME a Bosnian tale of horror -- the summary execution of more than 200 Muslims


The Green Factor (Environment)

Does protecting the planet destroy jobs? Bush says yes, Clinton says no, and their running mates fight it out on the stump


A Question of Color (The Week Health & Science)

Treatable ills cause the gaps in U.S. infant-mortality rates

Crippled by Computers (Health)

As more U.S. workers spend their days at keyboards, hand injuries and lawsuits are multiplying

Some Like It Hot (Food)

The virile chile -- the food that bites back -- has branded itself deep into America's palate

Tilting At Sacred Cows (The Week Health & Science)

A group of doctors bad-mouth milk, shaking up parents and pediatricians

Where Have You Been? (The Week Health & Science)

Late by about a decade, a missing comet finally streaks into view


Back To Bakke (The Week: Society)

Berkeley's law school agrees to change its admissions procedures

School Of Hard Knocks (The Week: Society)

Some stations have pretty liberal definitions of educational television


The Magistrate of Morals (Ideas)

There's a lot to criticize in grimy pop culture, but critic Michael Medved is the wrong man for the job


Big Blue's Blues (The Week: Business)

Another deep round of belt tightening is changing the shape of IBM

Through the Roof

A string of disasters is wreaking havoc on property-casualty insurers, but policyholders are the ones likely to pick up the tab


Diamonds Aren't Forever (Smuggling)

Bootlegged stones from Angola and Russia are cutting out the De Beers cartel and threatening to subvert the value of the most precious of gems


Art: Baroque Futurist (Art)

To Jusepe de Ribera, the Little Spaniard, realism was the violence of cruel images

Experimental Time Trip (Music)

In his magical new album, jazz bassist and composer Charlie Haden evokes the film-noir mood of vintage Los Angeles in a musical-dream autobiography