Dishonest Abe Lincoln (Cover Stories)

America's most revered politician dissembled, waffled, told racist stories and consorted with corrupt politicians -- all in his noble effort to free the slaves and save the Union

The U.S. Political Campaign: Lies, Lies, Lies (Cover Stories)

The current political campaign is erupting in a series of charges and countercharges of dishonesty and deceptions, all of which raise the question, Is anyone around here telling the truth?


The Astroturf Movement (U.S. Campaign)

Perot claims that grass-roots supporters are pushing him to run, but in fact he has carefully nurtured -- and bankrolled -- his volunteer network

The Unending War (The Week: Nation)

Senior officials of the Nixon era are still fighting over the POWs

Three's a Crowd (U.S. Campaign)

As Bush struggles to catch up to Clinton, Perot's threat to leap in from the sidelines complicates the race in its final stretch

Veto Wars (The Week: Nation)

Congress corners the President on family leave and cable bills

Zero Tolerance? (The Week: Nation)

A report blasts Navy investigators for bungling the Tailhook inquiry


Imperfect Hindsight (Diplomacy)

Kissinger's critics may be justified in attacking his role in the Vietnam peace talks, but there is nothing to suggest that he was callous toward the fate of POWs

Yugoslavia Expelled (The Week World)

The U.N. ousts Belgrade to stiffen its demands for peace in Bosnia


Catching A Bad Gene

In the Tiniest of Embryos A remarkable procedure takes society into the brave new world ofgenetic screening


Application Rejected (The Week Health & Science)

The first attempt to patent human genes is turned down flat

Cork That Volcano (The Week Health & Science)

Ash and particles in the air seem to make the ozone hole worse

Tattletale Termite (The Week Health & Science)

Scraps of ancient insect genes solve a long-standing mystery of evolution


Breaking Out, Then and Now

Revisiting his alma mater, a TIME correspondent finds that even for bright, ambitious Chicago youths like Keri Wingo, the obstacles to success are far more formidable than the ones he faced 25 years a

Lolita Pleads Guilty (The Week: Society)

A Long Island teen faces prison for shooting her alleged lover's wife


Byting Japan

Apple Computer shows how to crack the world's toughest consumer-electronics market



Street Fighter

Michael Bloomberg pushed his way into financial communications. Now the big boys are striking back.

Survival Insurance (The Week: Business)

After a year of disasters, Primerica comes to Travelers' rescue


Jay's Jinx (The Week Arts & Entertainment)

The king of late night loses his manager after 17 profitable years